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It was about a scientist that worked in a lab researching time travel. He does an experiment and then comes back to his now except his timeline has changed and there's been a nuclear war.

All of the people he knows are now soldiers fighting a "skynet" type robot army.

People then unload from the stealth plane and board the hijacked aircraft. I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up half-way through and wanted to see it in it's entirety.

Their objective is to then disable a bomb that is on the plane. On and off for 30 years I had tried to find the name of this move but had been unsuccessful, nor had I ever seen it on TV again (not that I would have recognised the name in the TV guide as I didn't know it).

Sorry for such a vague description, I'd love to watch it again but no idea what it was called. I have seen this on German TV in the end 70's or early 80's . I remember one scene where you see all of these sort of big grasshopper things all hopping along on their hind legs... ) - One of the women is a hypnotherapist and uses one of her male patients to make voice recordings which they playback to security guards during the robbery, to make them think its a group of men.

Story is about a woman having an car accident in bad weather where she dies – the story continues with her being in a twilight reality where she lives on. I believed this movie was directed by the french film maker Claude Cabrol. They have some kind of setup with speakers in their scuba masks (which they never take off during the robbery) - They put the money in garbage bags, and at the end the bags are mistakenly taken to the garbage dump.

Edit: Finally found it – Touch and Go – Trying to find the name of a movie from a few years back...

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However, after many years without Death in the world, Jack realizes that he has upset the natural order and releases Death to save humankind from perpetual old age and misery." for the suggestion BUT that is NOT the one...cheers... I think that the people who found the ship sort of got mental picture of this "War" Edit: as for the size of the "Alien grasshoppers" I would say about 4 or 5 feet tall Nope sorry not the right one.

" There's a big discussion where the scientist asks his boss (who's a general in the alernate timeline) if everything seems "normal" to him.

One of the soldiers gets physical with his "wife" and he stands up to him saying "if you ever touch my wife again...". Really enjoyed it when I first saw it – probably really lame now but would like to see it again in any case.

Of course, she doesn't like this and sleeps with some guy out of spite (i'm not sure about this last thing actually.

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can't remember if my friend was describing another movie or something : S).

I hope someone can tell me the name of this really bad Sci-Fi movie from (I think) the early to mid 90's.