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The group of anthropomorphic figures counts 47 figures of different shape, size and style (excluding Type IV that by itself includes 283 motifs; see below).

The figures without citations are all published for the first time in this paper (see also the Different typologies have been proposed to classify the anthropomorphic figures executed on the rocks of the High Atlas (Noubel, 1993; Rodrigue, 1999; Ezziani, 2004).

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The petroglyphs at Tizi ‘n Tirghiyst were for the first time studied and published by A. Only many years later new publications revealed the wealth of sites and the extent of this rock art area (Simoneau, 1967).It concerns male figures depicted in the “praying” position. 1385) measures 100 cm and has its arms raised; the fingers are visible and it wears a bracelet.Their patina is the same as the natural rock surface. The torso is barely visible and has a U-sign inside it.Our ongoing research has added new sites and further extended the area with rock art.

In particular the number of anthropomorphic images has increased considerably.

Those figures are round or oval, their heads drawn with coils or spirals.