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The " n" of trans, and the " b" of ob and sub, are often dropped, and thus one may write trans- porte or trasporte, obscuro or oscuro, subscribir or suscribir ; etc. Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but atten- tion might be called to words beginning with the preñxes : trans, ob and sub.

From the Enghsh language the Spaniards have also borrowed many words, such as " bar (in a pubhc-house), club, detective, inch, jersey, sweater (garment), lock-out (in trade disputes), etc., record, reporter, trust (an industrial combine), hall, arrowroot, etc., etc." They have, of course, their own versions of many of these words (e.g., bufete, bar ; círculo or equipo, club ; pulgada, inch ; salón, hall ; etc.).

— de pedir, not to order (or ask), to refrain from asking.

, to trespass on the kindness of, to impose upon, to take advantage of.

In the pre- sent work it has been deemed expedient to include many such important words ; and in cases where they are purely local, or South-American, a note to that effect has been given.

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Moreover, it frequently happens that words which are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time. Abaratar, v., to cheapen, to become cheaper, to beat down the price.